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Black Sparkly Royal Pharaoh Hound


Black Sparkly Royal Pharaoh Hound

The Pharaoh Hound brand continues with the all new Royal styled 5 inch hand cast dogs!
The Pharaoh Hound concept was created in back 2011 and has been independently produced by artist Eric Nocella Diaz (founder, owner and operator) of Argonaut Resins which began resin figurine and toy production in 2008.
This all new Pharaoh Hound dog series will be cast in glitter, confetti, glow in the dark powders and reflective gold pieces and will be numbered and signed on the figure bottoms. The Pharaoh Hounds will go for $50 each (which includes taxes, shipping and handling).
The Pharaoh Hound dog was hand sculpted, cast, mold and painted by artist Eric Nocella Diaz.
Edition size of 25 - multi colored and various styles.

All orders ship via First Class or Priority USPS Mail in the US (with tracking) and all OVERSEAS orders will be emailed for any shipping overage before anything is sent out.
Ages 18 and up - this is not a toy.
Paypal only.

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